Benefits of Choosing Roll-up Doors for Your Shed

Whether you’re building a man cave, she shed, hobby shop or a space to store tools, there are several customizations to consider. Selecting doors is an important piece of designing your shed. Learn more about the benefits of choosing roll-up doors for your shed project.

Why Choose Roll-up Doors for your Shed?

There are a variety of reasons to choose roll-up doors for your shed. They are a value add for your structure, offering security and flexible use of space.

Space Efficient

Compared to swing doors and garage doors, roll-up doors are a space efficient option for your shed. Swing doors require open space in front of and behind the door, limiting valuable storage space for tools, landscaping equipment and more. Garage doors also limit use of vertical space, causing issues with lighting, shelving and other tall objects. Comparatively, roll-up doors offer a compact design, requiring minimal operational space. The corrugated sheet rolls up and coils above the opening, requiring minimal headroom.

Easy Operation

Roll-up doors are easy to use, making them an ideal option for your shed. With proper spring tension, they will easily roll up and down with minimal effort. Once the door rolls up, it will stay in place until it is closed, allowing you to maneuver landscaping tools, lawnmowers, bicycles, golf carts and more in and out with ease. You can also add a motor operator to your roll-up door to automate the process. Swing doors, on the other hand, have to be manually secured when they are open.


Roll-up doors offer hefty lock systems, delivering peace of mind that your tools, lawnmowers, bicycles and more are protected. Choose from a variety of latch options that are compatible with double locks and 7/16” shackles. The steel curtain also serves as a formidable barrier against forced entry.

How to Choose the Best Roll-up Door for Your Shed

Roll-up doors come in a variety of styles to fit your application. Our shed roll-up doors are engineered for durability and ease of operation without the heavy, weighted elements required for commercial use. This makes them ideal for sheds and other personal buildings.

Our shed roll-up doors are available in a variety of sizes to fit your shed and can also be customized to the inch. Choose from a variety of colors and lock assemblies to meet your needs.

Roll-up doors are a convenient and secure option for your shed. Contact your local sales representative to learn more about our shed roll-up doors.