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On Demand Webinar: Why You Should Be Selling Metal Roof & Wall Panels

    This webinar lead by Tyler Roose for ABC speaks about the installation, durability, sustainability and cost efficiency of metal panels. Roose has been with Cornerstone Building Brands and American Building Components for 15 years, serving in multiple sales and sales operations roles. He currently serves as Regional Manager – Midwest Region and Director […]

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Concealed v. Through-Fastened Metal Roof and Wall Panels: How to Choose

All metal panels—whether for commercial, residential, industrial or agricultural applications—are attached to the structure using either fasteners, clips or a combination of both that keep them in place. Vertical panels, in particular, are often categorized by the type of fastening method used to attach them, which is most often either using hidden/concealed fasteners or using […]

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Which Metal Roof System Is Right For You?

Once you choose to invest in a metal roof, selecting the right system for your home can be a difficult decision. What are the major differences between different metal panel products? How can different panel profiles change the aesthetics of the roof on your home? What performance attributes do each have? Best Metal Roofing Systems […]

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Metal Roofing Gauges: What Are The Best Gauges For Metal Roofs?

When your customers decide to use metal panels for their building project, they’ll need to make several decisions to choose the best panel. One of the first decisions they’ll make is what gauge or thickness they need. There are a variety of metal roof and wall panel profiles to choose from, and they are all available […]

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Market Update: June 2022

A glance at what’s happening in the market that impacts our industry and your business. Steel Costs remain volatile due to the outbreak of the war in Ukraine and other macro-economic factors. In this Market Update, we highlight some of the key factors impacting today’s steel prices and what to watch in the future. WHAT […]

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Market Update: April 2022

The outbreak of the war in Ukraine on February 24 had an instant effect on steel prices and will most likely keep costs relatively high for the remainder of 2022. If the war was to end immediately, it would still take several months for market conditions to return to normal and an end to the […]

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Market Update: January 2022

The imbalance between supply and demand was without a doubt the main driver of the US steel price increases in 2021. With limited capacity—both planned and unplanned—the scales were firmly tipped in the mills’ favor. However, lead times, service center inventories and mill production capacity have recently returned to normal levels adding downward pressure on […]

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Ordering Metal Roof & Wall Trim Online

Metal roof and wall trim is used to seal joints and edges to keep moisture out while providing a seamless transition between panels to create a polished look. With our online ordering tool, you can browse our selection and order the trim your customers need from anywhere at any time. Learn more about ordering trim […]

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Safety and Savings Courtesy of Metal Panels

Most people understand that buildings outfitted with secure, storm-resistant roofing material like metal are less prone to damage from hurricanes, hail storms and other damaging weather events. Not only does this strength provide safety and security for the building owner, but those qualities also translate into cost-savings outside of what’s saved due the longer lifespan and […]

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What your customers need to know when considering a metal roof for their home

Your customers have a wide variety of options when choosing roofing materials for their home. One of those options is metal. When considering whether to use metal roof panels, there are a variety of factors any homeowner should consider. Is Metal Roofing Right for Residential Use? When considering metal roofing for residential applications, here are […]

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