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Metal Roof Pitch Part II: Panel Selection for Your Building End-Use

In part one of our series on metal panel roof pitch, we looked at the engineering and strength considerations that need to be taken into account when designing or specifying a building. In part two, we’ll review how to make the right metal panel selection for your building end-use by looking at the building type […]

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Metal Roof Pitch Part I: Engineering and Strength Considerations

Whether you’re an owner who needs to consider roofing material options because of the nature or design of your building, or a distributor/contractor whose job it is to recognize whether a suggested design will or won’t work based on a range of circumstances, it is critical to understand the engineering behind why roof pitch and […]

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It’s the Little Things: How to Measure Metal Panels with a Micrometer

As installers and distributors know all too well, the tiniest differential when measuring metal panels for installation can mean success or failure. Close just isn’t good enough. That’s where a micrometer—a precision tool used for measurement accuracy—comes in. But how can you be sure the panels purchased for a project don’t exactly live up to […]

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Preserve and Protect: Tips for Storing Metal Panels

The decision has been made to invest in metal roofing or siding for a project or business. Now it is incumbent upon job site professionals, business owners and/or contractors to ensure proper care is taken to preserve and protect the integrity and attractive appearance of your metal roof and wall panels from damage caused by […]

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Metal Panel Material Delivery and Handling

Handle with Care What You Need to Know about the Delivery and Handling of Metal Panels As sturdy and resilient as metal panels are, there are a number of considerations that must be accounted for in order to maintain the integrity of the product, ensure on-time and cost-efficient delivery, and guarantee safe, effective installation. First, […]

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The Benefits of Metal Panels for Barndominiums

Another alternative residential construction trend (like tiny homes) gaining momentum is the “barndominium” movement.  Barndominiums are typically metal buildings that have been transformed from structures previously used for fully-functional industrial or agricultural purposes into residences boasting affordability, low maintenance and energy efficiency. These structures stand apart from traditional and tiny homes in that they may […]

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Metal Panels for Tiny Homes: Part 2

In the first article in our three-part series on tiny homes we presented an overview of the tiny home trend, including lifestyle considerations and cost benefits. In the second installment, we discussed how tiny homes are built with the same types of materials, construction and aesthetics you find in larger, traditional residences. Metal panels—a popular […]

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Metal Panels for Tiny Homes: Part 1

In our previous blog post on tiny homes, we looked at the tiny home trend and outlined some of the pros, cons and lifestyle considerations for those interested in pursuing this increasingly popular, yet untraditional approach to housing. One of the obvious benefits is affordability, as the mere reduction of square footage lowers costs in […]

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A Big Idea: An Introduction to Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are more than just a passing trend popularized by television shows, opinion editorials and blogs; they are a movement born out of a growing need and desire of homeowners to downsize, customize and simplify—all the while maintaining maximum function and style. Tiny homes, in fact, offer their residents big living opportunities through their […]

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A Simple Solution to Metal Panel Condensation

If you’ve ever gone outside before sunrise, you’ve likely noticed dew on the grass or on your car windows. This is condensation. While we may have learned the basics of this naturally-occurring phenomenon in science class, we may need a quick refresher. Condensation occurs when there’s more water vapor (the invisible, gaseous phase of water) […]

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