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Cool Metal Roofs Save Energy and Cost

Metal panels are a cool addition to your building in more ways than one. Besides looking great, a metal roof is a simple and effective way to make you more comfortable in warmer months while cutting your energy use and providing potential tax savings. What is a cool roof? A “cool roof” is one that’s […]

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Metal Panel Gauges: What you need to know

So you’ve decided to use metal panels for your building project, and now it’s time to get specific. One of the first decisions you’ll make is what gauge, or thickness, you need. There are many metal roof and wall panel profiles to choose from, and they are all available in several gauge thicknesses … but […]

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Your Guide to Steel-Curtain Roll-Up Doors

No building is complete without a door. In this blog, we investigate steel-curtain roll-up doors and how they deliver form and function across a wide variety of uses. What are Steel-Curtain Roll-Up Doors? You see them everywhere. They’re used at your local schools, recreation and retail centers, and government, medical and office buildings. They provide […]

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Hurricane Season is Here. Is Your Roof Ready?

Hurricanes are a part of living in most coastal areas in the U.S. and preparing for them is essential to keeping you and your family safe. This preparation is also essential to protect your largest and most important investments: your home and business. The 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season spans from June 1 to November 30, […]

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Galvalume® vs. Galvanized

The coating makes a difference. Selecting metal panels made from high-quality materials is essential to the longevity and success of any metal roofing system—from the steel sheets to the fasteners. Although the quality of the paint system applied to metal roofing panels provides an essential level of protection (as discussed in our recent ‘Decoding Your […]

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Spotlight on Underlayment

What’s under your metal roof matters. Roof underlayment is the first layer of material laid prior to the metal roofing panels. It separates the roof covering from the roof deck, thus protecting it from detrimental resins, unevenness and—in re-roofing applications—fasteners and other old building materials. This water-shedding layer also provides secondary protection from weather, shields […]

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Decoding Your Warranty: Paint Chalking

The third and final element of our “Decoding Your Warranty” blog series covers paint chalking. As with fading, chalking is an expected occurrence with any paint system that is subjected to outdoor exposure, and while it may be preferable to other issues such as cracking or peeling, it is still important to the metal roofing industry […]

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Decoding Your Warranty: Paint Fade Protection

Will a Metal Roof Lose its Color? One of the biggest concerns metal roofing industry customers have is about paint fading. Acknowledging that all paint systems will fade over time, it’s important to understand fading and how painted metal warranties account for it so you can select a paint system and warranty that provide maximum […]

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Decoding Your Warranty: ABC Paint Film Integrity

With a 40-year limited paint system warranty, the ABC Signature® 200 offering represents one of the most sophisticated siliconized, modified polyester (SMP) paint coating and warranty protection products in the industry. But do you understand what it means to have a 40-year warranty? To comprehend your coverage options, you first need to know what a […]

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Receive a $500 Tax Credit on Your Metal Roof

Uncle Sam has renewed the federal tax credits for ENERGY STAR® certified metal roof products on primary residences, which means in addition to saving 40% on energy costs, your certified metal roof will put cash back in your wallet. The credit applies to purchases made in 2016 for retrofit roofing materials, and is also retroactive for […]

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