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A Simple Solution to Metal Panel Condensation

If you’ve ever gone outside before sunrise, you’ve likely noticed dew on the grass or on your car windows. This is condensation. While we may have learned the basics of this naturally-occurring phenomenon in science class, we may need a quick refresher. Condensation occurs when there’s more water vapor (the invisible, gaseous phase of water) […]

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Safety and Savings Courtesy of Metal Panels

Most people understand that buildings outfitted with secure, storm-resistant roofing material like metal are less prone to damage from hurricanes, hail storms and other damaging weather events. Not only does this strength provide safety and security for the building owner, but those qualities also translate into cost-savings outside of what’s saved due the longer lifespan and […]

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How Metal Trim Earns its Keep

Selecting the right trim and installing it correctly is crucial to ensuring metal buildings look good and stay dry. The success of any metal panel roof depends heavily on the trim. Aside from providing an elegant, finished look, these hard-working components serve as part of the flashing system by sealing joints, side seams and end […]

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Maintaining, Cleaning & Repairing Metal Panels

Understanding the maintenance requirements of your metal panels is essential to maximizing the longevity of your investment with the least amount of hassle. While metal panels have been engineered to provide decades of trouble-free protection, they can suffer damage from the build-up of debris as well as storm-related traumas like hail stones, falling branches and […]

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Metal Panels for Animal Housing: Consider This

Metal panels are buildings that house farm animals, whether cattle, hogs or poultry. But while the sheer number of such installations shows how well-suited metal is to this environment, animal confinement imposes specific challenges on panels that aren’t required considerations for residential or commercial uses. When considering metal panels for a barn or other animal […]

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Cool Metal Roofs Save Energy and Cost

Metal panels are a cool addition to your building in more ways than one. Besides looking great, a metal roof is a simple and effective way to make you more comfortable in warmer months while cutting your energy use and providing potential tax savings. What is a cool roof? A “cool roof” is one that’s […]

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Metal Panel Gauges: What you need to know

So you’ve decided to use metal panels for your building project, and now it’s time to get specific. One of the first decisions you’ll make is what gauge, or thickness, you need. There are many metal roof and wall panel profiles to choose from, and they are all available in several gauge thicknesses … but […]

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Your Guide to Steel-Curtain Roll-Up Doors

No building is complete without a door. In this blog, we investigate steel-curtain roll-up doors and how they deliver form and function across a wide variety of uses. What are Steel-Curtain Roll-Up Doors? You see them everywhere. They’re used at your local schools, recreation and retail centers, and government, medical and office buildings. They provide […]

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Hurricane Season is Here. Is Your Roof Ready?

Hurricanes are a part of living in most coastal areas in the U.S. and preparing for them is essential to keeping you and your family safe. This preparation is also essential to protect your largest and most important investments: your home and business. The 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season spans from June 1 to November 30, […]

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Galvalume® vs. Galvanized

The coating makes a difference. Selecting metal panels made from high-quality materials is essential to the longevity and success of any metal roofing system—from the steel sheets to the fasteners. Although the quality of the paint system applied to metal roofing panels provides an essential level of protection (as discussed in our recent ‘Decoding Your […]

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